Security Validation as a Service

Security Validation as a Service

With everything we do, we aim to find holes and hack ourselves before the bad guys can. We
challenge immutable security practices. Our service is continuous, does not require scripts or
agents, non-intrusive and is led by a bunch of security nerds who love what we do and work as
a team to thwart the bad actors.

The challenge for your IT department is that they cannot secure or lock down vulnerabilities they
don’t know about.

How this is different is that we proactively cover anything with an IP, which includes third party
suppliers and consultants or any entity that has or had access to your environment and who
may not be as vigilant with their security practices as your security team.

Here’s how our methodology stands out:

Proactive Security Approach: By continuously challenging and testing your security
measures, you are able to adopt a proactive stance against potential threats. This proactive
approach allows you to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by
malicious actors, minimizing the risk of security breaches and data compromises.

Continuous Security Testing: Our service offers continuous security validation, ensuring that
your defenses are always up-to-date and effective against evolving threats. This continuous
testing approach enables you to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in real-time, rather than
relying on periodic assessments that may miss emerging risks.

Non-Intrusive and Agentless: Our service is designed to be non-intrusive and agentless,
minimizing disruptions to your operations while still providing comprehensive security coverage.
This approach ensures that security testing can be conducted seamlessly without impacting
performance or requiring complex deployment processes.

Expertise and Collaboration: Our team of security experts, who are passionate about what
they do, collaborate effectively to stay ahead of the curve and thwart malicious actors. Their
combined experience and industry-leading certifications enable them to quickly assess risks,
deploy the right tools, and implement effective security measures tailored to your client’s needs.

Attack Surface Management: By visualizing enterprise assets through the eyes of an attacker,
we provide invaluable insights into potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your defenses.
This Attack Surface Management approach allows you to identify and prioritize areas for
improvement, enabling you to strengthen your security posture and mitigate risks effectively.

Overall, your service offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity,
leveraging continuous testing, expertise, and collaboration to protect our client’s assets from
malicious actors. By embracing innovative practices like Attack Surface Management, we
empower our clients to stay one step ahead of potential threats and safeguard their critical data
and infrastructure effectively.