Modern Solutions, Inc

Reduce IT Outages and Downtime
Modern Solutionz engineers work diligently to centralize IT management and keep your business and IT services running smoothly.

Minimize the Risk of Changes to Your IT Infrastructure
Modern Solutionz provides a complete solution for comprehensive IT infrastructure architecture and analysis. Use Modern Solutionz to better control technology changes and minimize the risk of IT downtime or outages.

The Value of IT
Modern Solutionz works with various vendors and creates a direct relationship with high level management at these corporations to allow our clients to have access to immediate availability, performance and overall health of the services that Modern Solutionz delivers to their business.

Network Design and Implementation
In today's environment, security and proper design are key in designing a Network Infrastructure that will allow for quick access to information as well as security of such information. We have various key technologies as well as software solutions that will assist us in creating a Network that is built for your specific business need. Our engineers have key experience in core technologies to design systems that will not only provide your company with day to day service, but will allow for expansion shall your company grow to bigger or more complex corporate infrastructures.

Data Center Architecture, Consolidation or Replication
Modern Solutionz works to accurately manage your architecture, consolidation, or replication project and ensure your risks of application or service interruption are minimized, while managing the completion of such a project in a timely manner to facilitate the expansion or addition of such facilities for your business.

Data Storage
Data storage solutions can transform your IT infrastructure by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying your data storage systems. Some of the key areas we work to assist in the streamlining your data storage needs are:

o Storage Management
o Data Deduplication
o Storage Area Networks (SAN)
o Data Storage Virtualization

Information Security
Modern Solutionz assists you in securing your Global IT infrastructure as well as corporate data. We provide solutions to protect your critical data throughout its lifecycle as well as provide advanced management and security solutions. Various levels of security are needed in this day and age. Modern Solutionz provides Access Control, Authentication, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption, key management, Fraud Prevention, and Physical security solutions

Telecom Services
Modern Solutionz offers the best of breed products for your telecom needs. Whether your company is large or small, a branch office, single or multiple site , Modern Solutionz works with the best telecom, IP PBX, Voice over IP (VoIP), and Unified communication systems in the industry. We offer managed and self-manageable Telecom solutions for our clients.